Texas man arrested for murder after he shoots fake parking lot attendant

Erick Aguirre, a 29-year old Corpus Christi resident, found himself in a shocking situation when he fatally shot a 46-year-old in downtown Houston.

Aguirre had been scammed out $40 by a man posing as a parking attendant, and gone to his car to get a pistol to seek retribution. When it became clear that the scammer had died, Aguirre’s date turned to the authorities.

The incident began at a Houston restaurant where Aguirre and his date had gone for dinner. Once their cars had been parked, a man purported to be a parking attendant told Aguirre it would cost $20 for each vehicle, and received $40 in response. However, a waiter inside the restaurant alerted the couple that they’d been defrauded. Incensed, Aguirre returned to his car and got a gun, following after the scammer.

Witnesses reported hearing a gunshot shortly before 8 pm, followed by Aguirre “nonchalantly walking back to his car with the gun” and rejoining his date inside the restaurant. Police were called, and upon arriving, discovered a man with a gunshot wound– later identified as scammer Elliot Nix. He was taken to a nearby hospital and declared dead.

Aguirre and his date left the restaurant, with surveillance footage of the couple being circulated around by the police the next day. His date– wanting to do the right thing— contacted the police, and cooperated with the investigation. Aguirre was arrested this week and appeared in court on Thursday.