Teenager’s body found in murder suspect’s freezer

A man accused of fatally stabbing an HVAC repairman on the roof of a bakery building in Chicago may now face additional charges. Investigators reportedly discovered the body of a teenager in a freezer at the suspect’s residence. The suspect, identified as 33-year-old Brandon Sanders, allegedly killed 69-year-old Rasim Katanic in broad daylight while the victim was working for his long-time client. Sanders is said to have used Katanic’s own screwdriver to carry out the attack. The shocking incident has left the victim’s family devastated and raised concerns about the suspect’s past.

Rasim Katanic was carrying out his duties on the roof of Tahoor Sweets & Bakery, an Indian sweets shop, when he was brutally attacked. Katanic’s daughter, expressed her grief, stating that her father was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She revealed that her father had been serving the suspect’s family as a long-term client for over a decade. Sanders allegedly used Katanic’s own screwdriver to carry out the stabbing, adding to the shocking nature of the crime.

In a separate investigation, police discovered the body of an 18-year-old teenager, Iman Al-Sarraj, in a freezer at Sanders’ residence. The victim’s father, Khalil Sarraj, expressed his heartbreak and the lasting impact of the tragedy. The investigation into this separate case is ongoing.

Sanders’ past includes a 2019 arrest in Montana, where he was accused of forcing his wife into sex work. He faced charges of human trafficking, aggravated promotion of prostitution, and witness tampering. However, his wife, who was in protective custody at the time, returned to Germany and refused to testify due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the charges were dropped, and Sanders avoided a potential 10-year prison sentence.

In the hours leading up to the stabbing, Sanders exhibited erratic behavior. He attempted to open an account at a nearby bank and even called the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center, reporting a plot to overthrow the government. Although police were called, Sanders left the scene before their arrival. Surveillance footage captured him climbing a stairwell to a rooftop adjacent to where Katanic was working. The following day, a burglary was reported in an apartment close to Tahoor Sweets, and prosecutors believe Sanders used Katanic’s screwdriver to gain entry.

Sanders was seen on surveillance footage wearing stolen clothing and carrying Katanic’s keys. He encountered his uncle and claimed he didn’t have to pay rent because he had taken care of the landlord on the roof. Later, he flagged down a police officer and requested to be taken to a hospital. At Sanders’ bail hearing, his lawyer mentioned concerns about his mental state. Currently, Sanders is being held without bond as the investigation continues.