Teen rapper accidentally kills himself on social media

SUFFOLK, VA – A teenager’s sudden death has caused shock and horror as more details are released about the incident. A local 17-year-old rapper made headlines when he inadvertently ended his own life while filming a social media video. As per the police statement, the young man died due to an unintentional self-inflicted gunshot to his head.

The police refrained from disclosing the teenager’s identification, yet circulated social media footage presents a probable scenario. The music prodigy, renowned as Rylo Huncho, is seen on video singing and dancing while wielding a pistol equipped with a green laser sight. 

Unfortunately, it appears he deactivated the firearm’s safety mechanism, pointing it towards his head.

The music video was tragically interrupted by the loud discharge of the weapon, leading to the camera falling and the young rapper disappearing from sight. In the aftermath, a fundraiser was established via GoFundMe next day to alleviate the financial strain on the victim’s devastated mother.

An intimate picture of the duo of mother and son, who were inseparable, emerges from the details shared by a cousin of the deceased on the GoFundMe page. While the family is still grappling to understand the reasons behind the incident, they express hope the funds raised will bring some solace to the bereaved mother, a single parent who fought hard for her only child in life.