Teen girl dies after crashing Porsche into a tree

MOORESVILLE, NC- A deadly car accident claimed the life of a 16-year-old girl and left two of her friends injured. Stella Grace Bright, the daughter of a high-ranking Lowe’s executive, lost control of her Porsche 911 supercar and crashed into a tree and a rock wall near her family’s $2.6 million mansion.

Bright was reportedly driving at high speed when the accident occurred around 3.20 a.m. on Saturday. The impact of the crash was so severe that Bright was pronounced dead at the scene. Her two friends, who were also in the car, were rushed to a nearby hospital with injuries of unknown severity.

One of the injured friends was seated in the back of the two-seater sports car, an area not designed for passengers and lacking seat belts. Bright and her front-seat passenger, however, were both wearing seat belts at the time of the crash. While the exact speed at which Bright was driving has not been disclosed, authorities have confirmed that speed was a contributing factor in the accident.

The crash site was less than two miles from the Bright family’s lakeside mansion. The Porsche, capable of reaching speeds up to 200 miles per hour and retailing between $60,000 and $120,000, was not confirmed to be owned by Bright or her parents, Teresa and Chris Bright. Chris Bright holds the position of Vice President of Market Delivery & Final Mile at Lowe’s, as per his LinkedIn profile.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Bright’s twin sister, Olivia, took to social media to express her grief. She referred to her sister as her “other half” and expressed her struggle to comprehend life without her. Friends also paid tribute to Bright, describing her as a “beautiful soul” who had a knack for lightening up awkward situations with her smile.

Nikki Degroot, a friend of Bright, posted on Instagram, expressing her sorrow and the void left by Bright’s untimely death. Another friend, Jocelyn Carroll, remembered Bright as a caring, kind, and talented individual with a beautiful soul. Carroll lamented the loss of the “bestest sister” she never had and expressed regret over not having the chance to say goodbye.