Teen Gets Life in Prison After Being Convicted of Brutal Murder of 13-Year-Old Classmate

Aiden Fucci, now 16, was handed a life sentence on Friday for the brutal murder of his classmate, Tristyn Bailey, in May 2021. Fucci was only 14 years old when he stabbed Bailey 114 times in their St. Johns County neighborhood on Mother’s Day.

The sentencing came after Fucci pleaded guilty to the murder charge before jury selection in February. The judge, visibly emotional, remarked that Tristyn suffered a horrifying and painful death at the hands of someone she trusted.

Given his status as a juvenile, Fucci faced a minimum of 40 years in prison, with his sentence eligible for review after 25 years. Tristyn’s family, in their victim impact statements, urged the court to impose the maximum sentence on Fucci.

They expressed their belief that he lacked remorse and claimed the apology he offered when pleading guilty in February was insincere.

During the sentencing hearing, Fucci’s family pleaded for leniency. His mother penned a letter to the judge, asserting that her son was “not beyond saving.” Fucci’s grandmother also testified in court, stating her belief that her grandson could be rehabilitated through counseling and therapy.