Teen dies after school bathroom brawl

OWASSO, OK – In a brutal incident at a school in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a 16-year-old student died earlier this month following a severe beating in a school bathroom. The victim, identified as Dagny Benedict, was a sophomore at Owasso High School.

On February 7, a fight took place at the school where three older female students allegedly assaulted Benedict and another student. According to the teen’s mother, Sue Benedict, both victims were non-binary.

A school staff member eventually stopped the fight, but not before Benedict suffered serious injuries, including cuts and bruises to her face. After the fight, she was unable to reach the nurse’s office due to her injuries. The incident led the Benedict family to rush her to the hospital.

Speaking to The Independent, Sue Benedict said her child had been a target of bullying at school. She also mentioned that Benedict, known as Nex, fell and hit her head during the bathroom brawl.

Benedict was admitted to the hospital immediately after the incident but was sent home the same day. The next day, however, she was readmitted to the hospital where she tragically passed away. Her mother stated that Benedict had collapsed at home on her way to an appointment on the day of her death.

Police are still trying to determine the exact cause of Benedict’s death and are waiting for toxicology reports to ascertain if there was an underlying medical condition that could have been a factor. The parent of the other student injured in the fight believes that Benedict might have suffered severe trauma due to the assault.

Ongoing investigations have led Owasso Public School District to decline any comments. The authorities have yet to make a decision regarding charges against Benedict’s assailants.

A GoFundMe page, set up by a friend of Benedict’s mother, has raised nearly $28,000 as of Tuesday. More updates on the case are expected to be provided by the police in the following days.