Teen boys found murdered in different locations along the same road

SEATTLE, WA – A chilling discovery was made near Interstate 5 in Seattle, where the bodies of two 16-year-old boys were found, believed to be the victims of connected murders, according to Washington State Patrol. The bodies were strategically hidden behind a massive concrete wall and amidst dense forest along the busy Seattle highway.

A passerby discovered the first victim in a ditch near North 85th Street and I-5 on Thursday night. The second body was found about half a mile away, approximately 12 hours later on Friday morning. The cause of death for both teenagers was confirmed to be gunshot wounds.

The victims were identified as Jahaz S. Phillips and Myion Coleman. The sequence of events leading to the deaths of the teenagers, as well as the exact location and time of the murders, are still under investigation. The authorities have yet to provide additional information on the connection between the two cases.

Washington State Patrol’s Trooper Rick Johnson revealed to local media on Sunday that the correlation between the deaths was determined after speaking with the victims’ families, but did not provide further details.

The area where the bodies were found is obscured by a large wall and thick vegetation, making it difficult to see from the main highway. Initially, it was speculated that the teenagers were victims of a vehicular accident, but autopsies later confirmed they were killed by gunshot wounds.