Teen accidentally shoots 12-year-old in the chest

A 12-year-old boy narrowly escaped a deadly gunshot wound after an accident on Sunday evening.

The investigation showed that a 14-year-old boy was using a handgun, which then unintentionally fired. The bullet struck the younger boy in the chest.

Miraculously, the 12-year-old is expected to make a recovery, with the bullet avoiding any critical organs.

Contrary to initial reports suggesting a drive-by shooting, the truth unfolded as the 14-year-old admitted to having bought the gun from an unidentified person on the street. The children’s parents were not present at the time of the incident, and they claimed they didn’t know about the firearm’s existence.

The police have since secured the weapon and placed the 14-year-old boy in custody. He faces several charges, which include both aggravated assault and false reporting.