Teacher killed by her estranged husband in front of their kids

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – A Florida teacher tragically lost her life at the hands of her estranged husband in a murder-suicide incident. The couple’s children reportedly witnessed the event. According to the Port St. Lucie police, Ray Felix, 60, seized his wife Jamie, 45, and their two children from a local business on Friday. Disguised, Ray coerced them into a rental car.

Police account that within the car, Ray confronted Jamie about their impending divorce, forcing her to send a dubious email to her colleagues at Manatee K-8 School. The email sparked concern among her coworkers, prompting a call to the police.

Ray later made Jamie drive her own car at gunpoint, with one of his sons following them in the rental car. When Port St. Lucie police traced Jamie’s car to West Palm Beach, local authorities reported their discovery of a murder-suicide.

Port St. Lucie Police Chief Richard Del Toro expressed grief and concern over the tragedy, referring to it as an unnerving reminder of domestic violence risks. He urged anyone suffering from or aware of instances of domestic violence to contact law enforcement.

Local media outlet WPBF reported that police stated Ray executed Jamie in a West Palm Beach motel parking lot, witnessed by their children.

Confronted by officers at a rental car facility, Ray then shot himself.
Ray Felix had a record of domestic violence, having been arrested in October for an altercation with Jamie.