Suspected Cannibal Arrested at the Airport After Having ‘Suspicious Meat’ in His Suitcase

Suspected Brazilian murderer, Begoleã Mendes Fernandes, was arrested at Lisbon Airport on Monday with a suitcase containing “suspicious meat” and bloodstained clothing.

Fernandes is accused of killing 21-year-old Alan Lopes a day earlier in Amsterdam, where the victim was found dead on Sunday night in his home.

Portuguese media reported that the meat found inside Fernandes’ luggage could be human flesh, and officials are conducting a laboratory analysis to determine its origin.

Fernandes, who is believed to have engaged in “cannibal practices,” was initially detained on suspicion of carrying forged documents. The 26-year-old suspect had a bandage on his right hand, which raised border officers’ suspicion.

Upon opening his suitcase, they found the meat and bloodstained clothing.
Kamila Lopes, the victim’s sister, said Fernandes was homeless and stayed with the family whenever he was unable to find a place to live.

Fernandes’ mother, Carla Pimentel, suggested in an interview with Portuguese television channel SIC that her son may have killed Lopes in self-defense. According to her, Lopes offered the victim human flesh to eat while they were having dinner.

It was then alleged that the 21-year-old attempted to murder Fernandes. According to the mom, the meat found in her son’s possession in Lisbon was the same that Lopes offered him, and he had kept it as evidence to present to the police.

Fernandes appeared in court in Lisbon earlier this week and is expected to remain in custody pending extradition to the Netherlands. Officials with the Portuguese Borders and Immigration Service are working closely with their Dutch counterparts to investigate the case.