Surveillance footage shows college basketball player allegedly shooting female victim

Surveillance footage captured a chilling scene as a University of Alabama basketball player allegedly shot at a car. The shooting led to the death of a 23-year-old passenger and sent nearby people fleeing in panic.

A female voice is heard shouting in the video footage captured by the Ring doorbell camera, which recorded the event. The surveillance video showed two automobiles speeding down the road when the startling sound of around 10 gunshots broke out.

After interviewing various witnesses and examining surveillance video, the police managed to identify two individuals as suspects in the shooting. The suspects are 21-year-old Darius Miles, the basketball player, and 20-year-old Michael Lynn Davis.

Tuscaloosa police Capt. Jack Kennedy disclosed that Miles and Davis were apprehended in relation to the shooting near the Tuscaloosa campus, in an area known as “The Strip”.

The two men were formally charged with capital murder in relation to an incident that occurred in Birmingham. The victim, Jamea Jonae Harris, was fatally shot by one of the suspects.

Furthermore, one of the suspects was also reportedly injured in retaliatory fire from someone in the same vehicle. It is unclear which of the two men was hit by this gunfire.

Kennedy informed the press that it looks like the only explanation for the crime was a minor argument that occurred between the suspects and the victim while they were out on The Strip. He added that Miles and Harris had no prior connection. Harris and Davis have no connection to Miles’ university either.

Miles’ bio has been deleted from the Alabama University athletic department’s website, reported.

The Alabama University athletic department’s website has removed Miles’ biography. They shared their condolences for the victim in a statement, and determined that Miles would no longer be a member of the school’s basketball team.