Subway station employee killed in deadly shooting after string of attacks

On Wednesday, a shooter carried out a series of unplanned attacks. This resulted in the death of a Washington, D.C. Metro employee as well as injuries to three other people.

Reports state that the Metro worker was killed after attempting to intervene in an altercation between the shooter and a woman that was taking place on the platform at the Potomac Avenue station.

The executive assistant chief of police commented on the deceased victim during a Wednesday-morning press conference. Executive assistant Ashan Benedict stated, “His heroism has to be recognized here today.”

DC Metro has identified the employee that was shot to death as Robert Cunningham, a 64-year-old mechanic in the power department.

Law enforcement officers believe that the killer was trying to steal from a woman at the station. Benedict mentioned that a different employee managed to reduce the intensity of the situation and halt the sequence of assaults. That employee had slight injuries due to shrapnel from the shooting of Cunningham, as reported by the police.

The incident took place at approximately 9 a.m. on a Metrobus, where a shooter reportedly discharged their weapon and shot someone in the leg. The person who was shot ran away and has since been spoken with by the authorities and was transferred to a nearby hospital.

At a nearby subway station, the suspect fired at another person trying to buy a metro card after getting in a fight with them. The shooter then dragged the victim over the turnstile, but the victim was able to escape.

Both of those shooting victims are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

The police reported that both individuals who were shot received medical attention for injuries that were not life-threatening.

The authorities located the accused individual on the train platform of the Potomac Avenue Metro Station and arrested him, yet the police have not established the reason for the assaults. A weapon was found on the train rails.