Students at Houston high school attack Vice Principal attempting to break up fight

Disconcerting events that unfolded yesterday at Westfield High School in Houston, Texas have caused shock and frustration across the Texas education system.

Video footage of the incident quickly went viral and shows several 9th-grade students engaged in a knock-down, drag-out brawl. The assistant principal attempted to break up the violent clash only to be overcome by the chaotic mob of teenagers.

The video heard shouts of “Bitch! Bitch!” and “Everybody kick the ho!” while the assistant principal was pushed to the ground, inflicting extensive physical injury. The assistant principal was rushed to the hospital with agonizing pain in the head and complete wordlessness, and is awaiting a CT scan to further evaluate her state of health.

The Spring Independent School District released a statement affirming that the assistant principal was not the intended recipient of the altercation and that a full investigation is ongoing. So far, a number of students have been identified who will face disciplinary measures, possibly resulting in expulsion contingent upon participation in the Texas Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program.

The school faculty have voiced their concerns about safety issues arising from the Westfield High incident. One teacher explained that when help is requested from the front office there is never anyone to answer the call. The staff allege that the school has a meager two officers assigned with the responsibility of security over the entire campus, leaving faculty and students feeling vulnerable.

The Spring Independent School District stands by its promise of zero-tolerance for disruptions such as these occurring in any of its schools and plans to assist in any necessary security measures in the future.