Six-year-old boy found unresponsive at fire station

ATLANTA, GA – Recently issued warrants have unveiled unsettling specifics about the circumstances surrounding the demise of a 6-year-old boy named Tobias Perkins Jr., who was discovered unresponsive at an Atlanta firehouse.

Dashon Jones, 24, was arrested and is facing charges of murder and child cruelty in connection with the death of young Tobias. Jones is currently held at the Fulton County Jail and was already facing unrelated charges when the warrants were delivered.

The warrants document allegations that on March 20, Jones repeatedly struck the child, leading to extensive internal bleeding and death. As documented in the account by Tobias’ older sister, a chronological record of events prior to the incident has been put together.

The documentation states that Jones was babysitting his girlfriend’s five children during her absence for a family-related matter at their home on Sparks Street. Jones was the only adult looking after the children, which included Tobias.

The older sister reported to the police audibly discerning loud thumping noises from a room occupied solely by Tobias and Jones. She claims she then observed Jones take an apparently “limp” Tobias to the bathroom and place him in the bathtub.

The boy’s grandfather, according to warrants, rapidly transported the unresponsive child to a fire station. Tobias was subsequently taken to a hospital, where he was declared deceased.

A range of severe blunt force injuries to his head and abdomen were indicated in Tobias’ autopsy. His liver had sustained severe damage, which resulted in internal bleeding, as per the warrants.

A medicolegal death investigator stated to the police that Tobias would have been incapacitated within minutes following the inflicted injury. Tobias Sr., the bereaved father, has launched an online fundraiser to cover the burial expenses of his son.

The boy’s cousin, Cedric Perkins, described Tobias as a happy, sweet, caring, energetic, and vibrant individual. Cedric articulated the family’s devastation, mentioning recent losses, including his mother two years ago (the sister of Tobias’s uncle) and the now recent loss of young Tobias.