Six people shot on subway platform

BRONX, NY – A subway station in the Bronx was the scene of a tragic shooting on Monday evening, resulting in one fatality and five injuries, as reported by local law enforcement. The Mount Eden Avenue station was the location of the incident, which unfolded around 4:30 p.m. ET following a series of 911 calls.

Six victims, consisting of four males and two females aged between 14 and 71, were found by the responding officers. All were immediately rushed to local hospitals. Unfortunately, a 34-year-old man later died at St. Barnabas Hospital, as stated by NYPD Chief of Transit Michael M. Kemper during a press conference.

The other victims, while injured, are not in life-threatening conditions. Kemper explained that the shooting was not a random act of violence but stemmed from a disagreement between two groups aboard a No. 4 train. As the train pulled into the station, someone from one of the groups pulled out a firearm and opened fire.

Expressing his condemnation of the incident, Kemper stressed the necessity for swift and severe repercussions once an arrest is made. He also mentioned that some victims were part of the initial disagreement, while others were simply caught in the crossfire. No additional information about the victims was released during the briefing.

The suspect in the shooting remains unidentified, and officials are appealing to the public for any helpful information.