Security Video Shows Father Shooting Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend Dead For Breaking In

Video shows Ohio man shoot daughter’s ex-boyfriend during break-in -DNYUZ

A protective Sydney, Ohio father shot and killed his daughter’s ex-boyfriend as the man tried to break into the family’s home.

After several minutes outside the door, James Rayl, 22, tries to bust into his ex-girlfriend’s home. Mitchell Duckro, Allyson’s father, warns Rayl to stop, but Rayl keeps on banging away at the door, busting the deadbolt lock and opening a few inches.

The confrontation was caught on Ring doorbell security footage. Newly-released doorbell video shows Rayl trying to open the door after being told by the family inside to go away. He then attempts to break down the wooden front door but is eventually forced open and three gunshots ring out, sending Rayl fleeing.

After Rayl tried to force his way into his ex-girlfriend Allyson Duckro’s house, he was shot dead by her father Mitchell Duckro. The grand jury decided not to indict Duckro based on Ohio’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ and ‘Castel Doctrine’ laws.

Rayl’s family don’t agree with the decision not to prosecute, saying that Mitch Duckro shot her brother in the back with no malice intended on her brother’s part. Rayl’s family has launched a Facebook page demanding justice against Duckro, who they say wrongfully shot their son dead.

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