Security guard accused of killing customer for using fake cash

HOUSTON, TX – A restaurant security guard operating without a license is facing murder charges for fatally shooting a patron. The gunfire broke out after a dispute about counterfeit money, court records revealed.

Hugo Daniel Bahena Dominguez, 25, was apprehended Tuesday at his Pasadena residence for his alleged involvement in the fatal shooting incident which occurred on Dec. 21. Houston Police Department (HPD) identified the victim as 30-year-old Eric Colin who succumbed to his gunshot injuries at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital.

When working at Ruchi’s Mexican Grill restaurant, Bahena Dominguez allegedly chased two customers who attempted to settle their bill with phony cash. The suspect reportedly discharged his firearm twice during the pursuit. Colin was subsequently dropped off at the hospital by the driver of the vehicle where he later died.

Witness testimonies gathered by police suggested that Bahena Dominguez acted after two men “ran up a tab” and tried to pay using counterfeit money. Furthermore, surveillance footage seemed to implicate the guard by showing him “bumping fists with employees” after the shooting, not making any attempt to inform emergency services.

Evidence, including the fake cash and bullet casings allegedly picked up by Bahena Dominguez, was later retrieved by the police.

Court proceedings saw Bahena Dominguez claiming employment with a security company. However, investigations showed he doesn’t hold the necessary licensing for the job. He admitted this fact in court, citing that he was in the process of securing a license at the time of the tragic incident.

His bond has been fixed at $500,000.