Scamming couple allegedly drugged and manipulated a Malibu doctor out of millions before he died alone

Mark Sawusch was a lonely, bipolar doctor who had isolated himself away from his family in the upscale city of Malibu. That all changed in June of 2017 when he struck up an a bewildering friendship with a couple he met in an ice cream parlor by Venice Beach. Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to him at the time, this genuinely caring friendship was nothing more than a complete fabrication constructed from sinister ulterior motives.

Anna Moore, then aged 39, and Anthony Flores, 46, proposed a living arrangement to Sawusch in which, in exchange for free rent, the couple would become his devoted carers and helpers, friends who he could trust and rely on. Unfortunately, matters took a turn for the worse as the couple proceeded to allegedly manipulate and completely cloud Sawusch’s judgement into unwittingly granting them total control of his finances.

The housemates spun a dizzying web of illicit activity, dispatching Sawusch off to weekly ketamine injections while ordering an array of drugs — LSD, psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana — to the house and funneling his money into clothing, lavish parties, and weekend trips. According the Los Angeles Times, monies spent weren’t the only cause for concern as eyewitness accounts revealed Sawusch was soon left unable to hold a coherent conversation after being kept drugged up by the two.

The malicious behavior slipped further into the infidel category when Sawusch was charged with a misdemeanor battery charge after an altercation at the Santa Monica Pier, for which his housemates requested a power of attorney to withdraw the large sum required for bail.

The disastrous situation came to a head when, two weeks before his death, the malevolent relationship turned truly toxic as the couple fed him a massive quantity of LSD and his health suddenly collapsed. Moore and Flores used this added window of opportunity to escape on a Memorial Day weekend retreat to Santa Monica and left their groggy, unsteady housemate bereft of adequate care and protection. Tragically, it was the twenty housekeepers, handymen, masseuses and other on-staff personnel that discovered Sawusch lying motionless and unresponsive when they returned home.

Moore and Flores have been indicted on countless felonies including identity theft, mail fraud, money laundering and other accusations for exploiting Sawusch’s behavioral instability and ruthlessly stealing millions of dollars from him after his death.

The two defendants have insisted they were merely helping Sawusch recover from his debilitating mental health issues but the avalanche of damaging evidence paints a bleakly different picture.