Russia Launched Satan 2 Nuclear Missile

Russia has test-launched ‘Satan 2’ Sarmat missile, Putin says – The Washington Post

In yet another tone-deaf move out of Putin’s Russia, they have elected to test-launch a new generation nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile which Putin leveraged as a threat toward NATO nations.

Putin is feeling ‘hurt’ by all the “aggressive rhetoric” toward Russia; he believes his new missile test will protect him from this.  However, suppose Putin does not withdraw from Ukraine. In that case, the western world anticipates Russia will be isolated for decades and no longer be a Nation but a body of land with many clashing populations.

The Pentagon spokesman John Kirby responded that the test weapon is not a threat to the United States or its allies.  He believes Putin’s escalating threats since invading Ukraine are more of immediate concern.

The United States and Canada have pledged to send more heavy-duty weapons to Ukraine to counter Russia’s push on innocent Ukrainians.

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