Road rage incident leads to arrest of fake FBI agent

WARREN, MI – A man from Southfield, Michigan, was arrested recently following a road rage confrontation in which he reportedly displayed a counterfeit FBI badge and fired shots at another vehicle from a BB gun, according to reports from the Warren Police Department.

The incident occurred Wednesday morning around 10:20 a.m. when police were alerted to a possible gunfire exchange stemming from a road rage incident on Mound Road. The authorities received a distress call from a motorist who claimed shots were fired at his vehicle as he was attempting to overtake a white Toyota SUV. The motorist also stated that the driver of the SUV had shown him a golden badge similar to those used by law enforcement officers at the height of the incident.

Provided with a description of the suspect and his vehicle by the alleged victim, police were soon able to locate and stop the SUV. Inside, they discovered a BB/pellet pistol and a fabricated FBI badge and credentials. The suspect, a 55-year-old Southfield man, was immediately arrested. His identity is currently being withheld by the police.

During his arrest, the suspect confessed to being involved in the reported road rage incident, according to the police. However, authorities confirmed that no one sustained injuries in the confrontation. The gun used by the suspect was revealed to be only a BB/pellet gun. The badge the suspect had used during the incident was also confirmed to be a non-official, law enforcement-issued item.

Speaking about the incident, Commissioner William Dwyer warned citizens against resorting to aggressive behavior in traffic situations. He advised motorists should call 911 if they encounter a hostile driver as altercations that stem from minor traffic issues could easily escalate to situations where guns are drawn and people are seriously endangered.

The Warren Police Department plans to present the facts of the case to the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office to press formal charges against the suspect, including assault with a dangerous weapon. The investigation remains active and ongoing.