Police seeking dangerous man who assaulted multiple women

LONG BEACH, CA – In a disturbing series of events, police in Long Beach, California, are on a determined search for a man alleged to have carried out two separate assaults on women in broad daylight. The first victim was a woman walking with her baby in a stroller, and the second was a woman in her sixties.

The initial assault occurred on a Thursday morning, in the vicinity of 21st Street and Locust Avenue. The man reportedly struck the woman from behind with an object of unknown nature, as seen in surveillance footage obtained by local media. The baby, thankfully, was not harmed in the incident.

In less than three hours following the first attack, the same man is believed to have assaulted a 60-year-old woman just two streets away. The woman was not robbed, but the attack was severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room.

The Long Beach Police Department has released a description of the suspect, who is said to be a Hispanic man in his mid-20s, standing between 5’5″ and 5’7″ tall, with a faint mustache. He was last seen wearing a white hat, a turquoise sweater over a black hooded sweater, blue pants, sneakers, and was carrying a black bag and a dark-colored backpack.

In response to the alarming incidents, the police department has stepped up patrols in the area and is actively seeking the suspect. The news of the attacks has left local residents feeling uneasy, with some expressing reluctance to leave their homes.

Upon capture, the suspect is likely to face charges of assault with a deadly weapon. The Long Beach Police Department is appealing to the public for any information about the suspect and can be reached at 562-435-6711.