Police Chase And Shootout Leads To Discovery Of Human Remains

During a chase that ended in a fatal shootout near Detroit, police found human remains in the trunk of the suspects vehicle.

Police in Dearborn, Michigan, made the grisly discovery Sunday afternoon after stopping a vehicle involved in a missing person investigation, according to Michigan State Police.

Initially, Dearborn Police pursued the vehicle before losing sight of it, then a “crash scene was found nearby where the officers lost sight of the vehicle.”

“When Dearborn officers approached the accident scene, they exchanged gunfire with the suspect,” Michigan State Police reported.

Upon clearing the crash scene, police discovered the suspect driver dead with a gunshot wound. Human remains were found in the trunk of the vehicle, but their identity is unknown.

A passenger sustained injuries in the crash, but no officers were injured, Michigan State Police report.

“There may be a connection between this investigation and another out-of-state homicide investigation,” state police said.

There were no further details about the suspect immediately available.

Dearborn, Michigan, is located just outside of Detroit and it is home to Ford’s World Headquaters and a university of Michigan campus. It also has the largest Middle Eastern population in the United States.