One dead, five injured in mass shooting

WASHINGTON, DC – One person was pronounced dead and several others were injured in Washington D.C.’s Carver Langston neighborhood. Two children were among the injured victims. The horrific incident took place on Wednesday evening around 6 PM.

Upon investigation, the police department led by Chief Pamela Smith concluded that a group of assailants alighted from a car and abruptly began firing into a densely populated crowd.

Multiple gunshot victims were identified by the police at the scene. Immediate medical attention and subsequent hospitalization were provided to four victims, including two adult males, a woman, and one 9-year-old child. Later, a 12-year-old also sought medical help for a gunshot wound.

The injured victims are confirmed to be in non-critical condition, informed Chief Smith. On the other hand, the police have initiated a thorough investigation and circulated representative images of the suspect vehicle on public platforms. The car, a four-door sedan possibly in a shade of grey or light blue, was recognized for its paper license tags and severely tinted windows.

During a press interaction, an evidently upset Chief Smith communicated her, and by extension, the department’s ardent opposition to any form of community violence. Expressing concern over the violent crime rate in the district, she referred to a disturbing 39% increase in crime rates for the year 2023.

Last month, two people succumbed to gunshot injuries in a shooting incident in D.C., which also caused multiple injuries. In February this year, three police officers were shot by a suspect during an arrest. With the crime avenues branching into carjacking and murders, the question of community safety has emerged as a significant concern for the administration.