Mom found dead days after mysterious 911 calls

SHELBY FOREST, TN – In a tragic turn of events, a young Oklahoma mother was found lifeless on a barge on the Mississippi River, mere days after her apprehension for making numerous 911 calls seeking help. The crew of the barge discovered 22-year-old Hailey Silas’ body during an inspection near Shelby Forest in Tennessee, early Saturday morning.

Silas had been taken into custody the previous week for making several 911 calls from a gas station located opposite Southland Casino. She had reportedly implored the authorities to help her leave West Memphis, Arkansas, stating she was terrified and in the throes of a panic attack. Following her arrest, a frightened and bewildered Silas asked to speak to her parents.

While the nature of her fear was not immediately discernible, Silas also expressed a desire to be admitted to a psychiatric facility. She was subsequently found guilty of a misdemeanor for raising a false alarm last Wednesday and received a suspended sentence equivalent to the time she had already served. A psychological evaluation was conducted, but the findings have not been made public.

Silas’ body was discovered three days post her guilty plea. The reasons for her presence at the Arkansas-Tennessee border remain a mystery. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, however, does not believe any foul play was involved. Silas was found without any identification, but her mother, LaRena Darrow, believes someone is in possession of her daughter’s phone.

Darrow shared her distressing interaction with an unknown man who answered her daughter’s phone. She expressed her sorrow and bewilderment, recalling her last conversation with her daughter, who had sent her joyful pictures of herself on a bridge. The investigation into the cause of Silas’ death and the circumstances leading up to the incident is ongoing.