Dead body of mass shooter found

LEWISTON, ME – The two-day-long search for the suspect involved in a devastating mass shooting in Lewiston culminated late Friday night when Robert Card was found deceased. The discovery offers a grim closure to the traumatized residents of this small Maine town.

Maine State Police located Card’s body by a dumpster near a recycling facility in nearby Lisbon Falls at approximately 7:45 p.m. Initial reports suggest that Card died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The authorities did not disclose the exact location of the discovery.

The Lewiston Police Department and other law enforcement agencies had labeled Card as a key person of interest in connection to the Wednesday tragedy that took the lives of 18 individuals. The severity of the crime had triggered a massive manhunt, with agencies including the FBI, SWAT, and the specialized ‘BORTAC’ Border Patrol unit joining the pursuit. Sources revealed that Card was believed to be armed and extremely dangerous during the hunt.

Interestingly, it surfaced that Card had once been employed at the recycling plant where his body was discovered. Further details regarding his tenure there are yet to be disclosed.

Governor Janet Mills expressed her gratitude to the numerous local, county, state, and even federal law enforcement bodies that cooperated to bring the search to its conclusion. “This discovery is entirely thanks to the hundreds… who searched tirelessly to arrive at this moment,” she remarked during a press briefing on Friday night.

The tragic events began at the Sparetime Recreation bowling alley and extended to Schemengees Bar and Grille. Among the victims, ages ranged from as young as 14 to 76. Authorities have released the names of all 18 deceased individuals.