Nightclub shooting: one dead, four wounded

HOUSTON, TX – A violent incident outside a Houston nightclub early Sunday morning has left one individual dead and four others injured, local authorities reported. The shooting, which reportedly stemmed from a dispute, occurred around 3 a.m.

According to Houston Police Assistant Chief Megan Howard, one man attempted to flee the scene following the gunfire but collapsed on a nearby service road due to his injuries. The name of the nightclub involved in the incident has not been disclosed by the police.

Upon arrival, officers discovered local residents administering first aid to the collapsed man, who was later pronounced dead at the scene. The deceased individual was reportedly in his 20s.

In the aftermath of the shooting, five young men allegedly stole a truck and fled the scene. Four of the men, all suffering from gunshot wounds, were later dropped off at a local hospital. Three of the men are reported to be in stable condition, while one is suffering from more severe injuries. The driver of the truck and the vehicle itself, a 2015 blue Toyota Tundra with license plate JLX0756, remain at large.

Police are currently investigating whether the individuals involved in the shooting were attendees of an event held at the club on Saturday night.