New Trend In Targeted Car Thefts

In recent months, vehicle owners throughout the United States have increasingly become the target of car thieves. While activity of this nature is traditionally seen as occurring in an urban environment, thieves have taken their craft to some of the more unusual places such as car washes and funeral services.

Recently, officials in the greater New York City area reported that criminals are lingering at car washes for expensive vehicles and waiting for the ideal time to jump in and drive away.

Similarly, those attending funerals in Tennessee and Maryland have had their vehicles targeted. Of particular concern is that this type of activity has risen in recent history.

This worry has been confirmed by the National Insurance Crime Bureau which stated that there has been a 6% and 17% rise in car thefts since 2021 and 2019 respectively. These figures place emphasis on the need for extra precautions when vehicle owners make use of car washes or attend funerals.

In order to protect their property when such events occur, police recommend that drivers stay alert and make use of car washes which permit them to remain with their car or request the attendant to return their keys.

The suggestion of buying a “kill switch”, which allows owners to turn their car off at a distance, is also made. Vehicle owners should also keep in mind that leaving their car running unattended is inviting trouble, and awareness of one’s surroundings is essential.

By following these simple guidelines, vehicle owners are able to greatly reduce their chances of becoming the target of car thieves and theft.