New Studies Confirm Theory That Covid-19 Started With Animals At Wuhan Market

New studies agree that animals sold at Wuhan market are most likely what started Covid-19 pandemic – CNN

Researchers say they’ve pinpointed the origin of Covid-19 and that it jumped from animal hosts to humans at least two dozen times.

They say the virus originated from a market in Wuhan China. Although this is not a new conclusion, more evidence is pointing toward the possibility of the virus originally transferring from animals to humans.

The World Health Organization recommended that scientists continue to research all possible origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, including a lab leak. Two newly published studies agree with this recommendation.

Scientists from around the world used mapping tools and social media reports to do a spatial and environmental analysis of the COVID-19 virus. They found that the virus started spreading in people who worked at the market, and then spread to people who lived in the surrounding community.

A molecular approach was used to determine when the first coronavirus infections crossed from animals to humans. The researchers suggest that the first transmission probably happened around November 18, 2019.

Lineage A of SARS-CoV was introduced into humans from an animal within weeks or even days of the infection from lineage B, according to a study.

Once a zoonotic virus capable of both human infection and human transmission is in close proximity to humans, multiple introductions should be expected.

A co-author of the study, Kristian Andersen, said the studies don’t definitively disprove the lab leak theory. However, he considers the market theory to be extremely persuasive. During his research, he changed his mind about the virus’ origins.

The researchers hope to determine exactly what animal may have first become infected and how, to reduce the chances of future pandemics. They believe the world needs to do a much better job doing surveillance and monitoring animals and other potential threats to human health.

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