New homeowners find teen’s dead body in their freezer while cleaning up the property

HEADLAND, AL – A chilling discovery in an Alabama backyard left property owners stunned and led to the arrest of a teenager’s parents. The new homeowners were conducting a cleanup on the premises when they stumbled upon a grim scene—a dead 19-year-old man concealed inside an old freezer.

The eery incident took place during a Sunday morning cleanup, as the owners were tackling the task of clearing the property. To their shock, they unearthed the badly decomposed body of Logan Michael Halstead hidden within the freezer, as stated in a press release from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. The freezer, too heavy to lift, prompted the owners to initiate cleaning when they made the horrifying discovery of a human hand inside it.

Remarkably, the teenager’s family had previously rented the property but had vacated it over a month ago, before the new owners took possession. Michael Shane Halstead, 44, and Karen Tysinger Halstead, 43, Logan’s parents, now find themselves behind bars, charged with abuse of a corpse. They are currently being held in jail without the option for bond.

Sheriff Blankenship expressed the gravity of the situation, acknowledging its tragic nature, and affirmed the commitment to uncover the truth. An ongoing investigation is underway, with details to be shared as the case develops.

Logan Halstead faced medical challenges, including spina bifida. In a perplexing twist, his father, Michael Halstead, claimed to have experienced a manic episode and professed a lack of recollection regarding how his son’s body ended up inside the inoperative freezer. He also asserted that his wife was not involved, according to the sheriff’s account.

Adding to the intrigue, Michael Halstead had reportedly informed authorities from another police department about his son’s abandoned remains earlier in the month. However, when officers conducted a search, they were unable to locate the body.