Father and son allegedly shot dead by their neighbor

BROOKLYN, NY – Tragedy struck an apartment building in Brooklyn as a father and son lost their lives in a fatal shooting, allegedly at the hands of their frustrated neighbor. The incident unfolded on the fourth floor of an East Flatbush apartment building, shortly after 10:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Authorities reported that the downstairs neighbor had reached a breaking point due to noise disturbances from the victims’ apartment. In a fit of anger, the neighbor decided to confront the situation and ultimately resorted to violence, shooting both the father and son.

The victims were identified as 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin and his 27-year-old son, Chinwai Mode. Marie Delilles, a witness to the tragic event, recounted how the downstairs resident had repeatedly banged on his ceiling, expressing frustration over the noise emanating from the Mathurin family’s apartment. An argument escalated, culminating in the suspect firing nine rounds at the victims, all witnessed by Delilles’ 10-year-old child.

Originally from Haiti, the family had downsized to a smaller apartment, which presented challenges for Delilles’ younger children. Noise disputes had been an ongoing issue in the building for years.

Mickael Louis, a family friend, expressed disbelief at the tragic turn of events, emphasizing that noisy children should not warrant someone resorting to deadly violence. As of now, there have been no arrests made and the investigation remains active.

Assemblywoman Monique Chandler-Waterman is offering support to the grieving family and advocating for their security. She intends to collaborate with the police to ensure the family’s safety during the search for the suspect.