New evidence found against man accused of murdering his wife

Newly released surveillance photos show Brian Walshe, a 47-year-old Massachusetts art dealer accused of murdering his wife, purchasing a hacksaw and cleaning supplies. He was also depicted disposing of a heavy trash bag shortly after his wife’s disappearance.

Walshe allegedly beat his wife, Ana, to death before dismembering her body and disposing of her remains in multiple dumpsters during the first week of January. Authorities have not yet found the 39-year-old mother of three’s body.

Police claim they have a pile of circumstantial evidence, such as the photos, Ana’s discarded clothing, and Google searches Walshe allegedly performed on disposing of a body.

Prosecutors assert that Walshe killed his wife after discovering her affair. Ana had spent Thanksgiving in Dublin with a lover, and days before her death, she told a friend she believed her husband was going to prison and that she planned to leave him and move to Washington, DC.

Prosecutors also say Walshe stood to benefit from a $2.7 million life insurance payout if Ana died, but the defense argues that he doesn’t need the money because his family is already wealthy.