Murder investigation underway for 16-year-old cheerleader

EDNA, TX – A heart-wrenching incident has left a small Texas community in sorrow, as Lizbeth Medina, a 16-year-old cheerleader, was found dead Tuesday in her apartment. The state’s Department of Public Safety and Texas Rangers suspect the case to be a capital murder.

Medina and her mother, Jacquelin, had resided in Edna, a community located between Houston and Victoria, for about a year. Jacquelin is now grieving the loss of her only child and seeking justice for her daughter’s senseless death.

Jacquelin described her daughter’s death as the “most horrible way a mother could find her child” and lamented the bright future her daughter had ahead of her. Lizbeth was expected to participate in a local Christmas parade alongside her cheer squad members, but she never got to partake in the festivities.

For Jacquelin, the discovery of her daughter’s lifeless body left her shattered and devastated. Law enforcement officials provided limited information but believed it to be a murder case.

Devastated, Jacqueline Medina remembered Lizbeth as her best friend, her world, and a compassionate girl who never intended harm to anyone. As the bereaved mother mourned, a wave of love and sympathy poured in from hundreds of people in the tight-knit town, demonstrating the depth of affection many held for Lizbeth.

Lizbeth’s memory will be honored by the Edna football team on Thursday by wearing purple shirts and ribbons during their game in Cypress. Furthermore, a vigil will be held in Edna on Saturday in remembrance of the teenage girl’s tragically shortened life.