Mother fights off abductor attempting to take her teen daughter

NEW YORK, NY – A harrowing incident unfolded in New York City last month as a mother courageously chased a suspected kidnapper down several flights of stairs after he attempted to abduct her teenage daughter from their home’s entrance. The mother, Adriana Alvarez, ended up in the hospital for days, recovering from injuries sustained during the incident.

The alarming event was captured on a surveillance video, which showed a masked man leaping over a railing and seizing the 18-year-old girl from behind as she was about to enter her apartment. Upon realizing the danger, the terrified mother immediately gave chase.

Slipping on the hallway’s tiled floor, Alvarez shouted at the suspect before disappearing from the camera’s view as she pursued him down the stairs. The majority of the confrontation occurred on the lower levels of the building.

According to Alvarez, her daughter, Lex, had just returned from walking their dogs on January 23 when the horrifying incident took place. The alleged kidnapper was identified as a former colleague of Lex’s.

Alvarez suffered a fractured orbital bone, among other injuries, in her brave attempt to thwart the kidnapper. The assailant was eventually tackled by a neighbor, Gus Bougas, who held him until the police arrived.

The suspect, 25-year-old George Vassiliou, had previously worked with the victim at a local grocery store in Astoria, New York. He had been fired for allegedly stalking Lex. Alvarez had reported Vassiliou to the police twice before and had sought a restraining order for her daughter due to his disturbing behavior.

Vassiliou is currently held on a $50,000 bond. He faces charges that include second-degree attempted kidnapping, criminal possession of a weapon, assault, burglary, and more. His next court appearance is scheduled for April 3.