Mother-daughter duo busted for butt injection business

HOUSTON, TX – A mother and daughter in Texas have been apprehended by law enforcement for allegedly running an illicit buttock augmentation business, charging around $6,000 for the procedure.

The Houston Police Department’s undercover operation last week led to the arrest of 56-year-old Consuelo Dal Bo and her 18-year-old daughter, Isabella Dal Bo. Both women face charges of practicing medicine without a license, with the elder Dal Bo also facing charges for knowingly distributing a controlled substance.

Court documents reveal that the pair were operating from a temporary rental property on Eastern Meadowlark Way, where they offered the buttock augmentation services. Undercover officers reportedly encountered the duo while they were operating from this location.

The court records indicate that the women intended to inject an unidentified brown liquid into the buttocks of a client, who turned out to be an undercover officer participating in the sting operation. The elder Dal Bo also allegedly provided the officer with Xanax to ease any pre-procedure anxiety.

During the operation, officers confiscated several bags of injectable substances and medical equipment. The Houston Police Department, which led the investigation, is urging anyone who may have fallen victim to the pair’s illegal practices to come forward.