Mother and daughter killed in high-speed car crash while celebrating birthday

Tragedy struck on April 7th in Scottsdale when a car accident involving multiple vehicles claimed the lives of two people at the intersection of Scottsdale Road and Gold Dust Avenue. The victims, identified by family members as 47-year-old Jana Diaz and her daughter Joy, were on their way to pick up a birthday present for Joy, who had just turned 10.

Police believe that alcohol and speed played a role in the fatal crash. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the victims’ family, and community members have paid their respects by leaving flowers at the site of the accident.

John Edgley, Jana’s uncle, spoke about the close relationship he had with Jana, who he said he considered like a daughter, and the hours they used to spend together playing video games. He described Jana as a fiercely protective mother of five and an intelligent woman, while Joy was remembered as a sweet, kind, and shy young girl.

Two other family members were also in the vehicle during the accident. According to Edgley, Joy’s father sustained injuries, and a teenage son is currently in the hospital.

Amid the heartbreak, Edgley expressed that he is relying on his faith and extending forgiveness to the person responsible for the accident.