Mom shot dead over VR headset, 11-year-old son stands on trial for her murder

MILWAUKEE, WI- An 11-year-old boy from Wisconsin is set to face trial, accused of the intentional first-degree homicide of his mother. The district attorney’s office is pushing for the boy to be tried as an adult, despite his age. The court has ruled that the boy’s identity should remain confidential due to the possibility of him being tried as a juvenile.

The court deemed the boy competent to stand trial in July, as per court documents. The court also found “probable cause and bound defendant over for trial,” rejecting the defense’s plea to dismiss the case. The boy is alleged to have killed his mother in November of the previous year when he was only 10 years old.

Milwaukee Detective Timothy Keller testified in court about his conversation with the boy regarding his mother’s death. Initially, the boy claimed uncertainty about the events that led to his mother’s death, stating that he found her lifeless body in the basement. However, during a subsequent questioning session, the boy confessed to shooting his mother. Following this confession, he insisted it was an accident.

Keller shared the boy’s account of the incident, stating that the boy had taken a shooting stance and pointed the gun at his mother as she approached him while asking him to put the weapon down. The boy claimed that he fired the gun with the intention of scaring her by shooting the wall behind her.

Keller also revealed that the boy had made a purchase using his mother’s Amazon account for virtual reality goggles the morning after the alleged homicide. This raised concerns among family members as the boy had previously argued with his mother over the purchase of these goggles. The boy has pleaded not guilty to the charges and remains in custody.