Mob of 100 criminals loot store after smashing car into doors

COMPTON, CA – A horde of over 100 people descended upon a small bakery in Compton, California, earlier this week, causing a significant amount of damage and stealing numerous items. The incident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning following an unauthorized street takeover.

The mob used a white Kia to break into the locked bakery, Ruben’s Bakery & Mexican Food, creating an entrance for the crowd to storm in and ransack the store. Surveillance footage captured the ensuing pandemonium as the looters hurriedly filled their pockets and arms with whatever they could carry before the store was due to open in three hours.

Many of the looters attempted to disguise their identities by wearing masks or covering their faces with their hoods. According to Captain Melissa Ramirez of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, the stolen items included meat scales, groceries, meat, and lottery tickets.

Police had received two calls about a car fire and a street takeover in the vicinity of the bakery shortly before the looting took place. The incident has shaken many residents, with some expressing their concerns about the ongoing crime in the Southern LA city.

In the wake of the incident, local politicians are pushing for measures to reduce the frequency of such illegal street takeovers. Compton’s Democratic Mayor Emma Sharif, during a city council meeting held hours after the bakery break-in, stressed that ensuring the safety of businesses and residents was their top priority. She called on the council members to pass an ordinance that would increase fines for those involved in street takeovers.

However, not all residents are pleased with the government’s response, voicing frustration at the perceived lack of action. Unauthorized street takeovers have been a persistent problem across Los Angeles County for several years, with city and county officials trying various tactics to discourage these gatherings.

No injuries or arrests were reported in the Tuesday looting incident.