Missing Woman Found Dead In Backyard After Being Shot In The Head

A Cleveland woman who reported missing has been found dead in the backyard of a Wilkinsburg home. Adrianna Taylor, 23, was reported missing on November 13th. Her body was discovered in the home’s backyard on Thursday.

A report from the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office indicates that Taylor was shot in the head, resulting in her death.

Surveillance video shows a car pulling up in front of the residence where her body was found, and then a passenger getting out and walking toward the home. This surveillance was from Thanksgiving day around 5 pm.

Reports from neighbors showed that they were suspicious of the passenger of the car. Witnesses say that he was near the vehicle’s trunk area for an extended period of time before heading toward the back of the house.

Later that same night, nearby surveillance cameras in Wilkinsburg captured hours of police activity on Hill Avenue. Around 9:30 pm, a vehicle that was used for investigation arrived at the house.

The vehicle remained at the scene for about 2 and a half hours before pulling away. The Cleveland Police Department and FBI were handling the case.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for a man identified as 43-year-old Anthony M. Kennedy, who they say lived with Taylor and whose sister either lives or lived at the Wilkinsburg home where Taylor’s body was discovered.

Kennedy was recently seen in the yard where Taylor’s body was found buried. Taylor’s vehicle has recently been sent to the CPD Vehicle Evidence Lot, and it is being processed by investigators to determine if there are any clues in the car that would lead to a solidified understanding of her death.

Police are still investigating where Taylor was located when she was shot. A neighbor said they did not hear any gunshots that would have led to the woman’s death. 

As police are in pursuit of Anthony Kennedy, anyone with information on the suspect’s whereabouts are requested to contact the authorities.