Missing swimmer’s dead body found in river

POTOMAC, MD – The body of a presumed drowned swimmer who went missing on Friday, May 24, was found in the Potomac River, according to Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson Pete Piringer. Reports of distress calls made by a group of swimmers attempting to swim from Virginia to Maryland resulted in a three-day search operation. Crews utilized resources on land, water, and air in an exhaustive effort to locate the missing individual.

On Sunday, May 26, search teams using sonar technology identified what appeared to be a body stuck amongst rocks near Sandy Landing, just south of Great Falls.

The body was retrieved on Monday, May 27, by local search and rescue teams following a tip from a local kayaker. Although an official confirmation is pending, authorities believe the body to be that of the missing swimmer.

The revealing incident falls on the heels of the Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service’s annual Potomac River Safety Campaign. Captain Andrew Bell highlighted the dangers posed by the river, including fast currents, an array of hidden hazards, and a lack of visibility beneath the water’s surface.

The National Park Service asserts that swimming or wading in the river is illegal and infringers can face fines, court appearances, and possible arrest.