Miami Biochemist Accused Of Assaults On Multiple Women

In Miami, a local biochemist is accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. Jeremy Bittner, 41, stands accused of drugging and sexually-assaulting three women between October 2022 and February 2023.

His workplace from October 2020 to present has been listed as principal of Prior to that, he held the position of National Director of Integrated Cardiovascular Solutions at Phillips.

His apartment at the Waverly South Beach, a hotspot for snowbirds and college spring breakers, was the alleged site of the sexual assaults.

One of the women was allegedly held at gun-point and two others were coerced under fals pre-tense into his condo.

During a recent court hearing, prosecutor Nessa Eth requested a bond of $1 million. One of the victims, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed to the press that this case should be a warning to all women. “It’s important to take this as a reminder of why we need to be ever vigilant and aware of our surroundings,” she said.

As of now, Bittner is unable to procure a bond and remains detained without bail at Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation.