Memorial Day weekend motorcycle rally ends in fatal shooting between feuding biker gangs

In an unfortunate escalation of violence, a confrontation between feuding biker gangs resulted in three fatalities and injured five others at a motorcycle rally in New Mexico this past Saturday, as confirmed by local authorities. The calamity unfolded around 5 p.m. local time in the bustling commercial district of Red River.

The Mayor of Red River, Linda Calhoun, confirmed that the violent episode was gang-associated. All casualties of the incident, she stated, were directly involved in the confrontation; none were locals unaffiliated with the dispute.

Authorities were swift to respond, with one of the injured victims being promptly transported to a Denver hospital. Despite the serious incident, they reassured the public that there was no broader threat to public safety. The perpetrators, they affirmed, were swiftly apprehended and placed under arrest.

Law enforcement officials advised local businesses in the vicinity of the shooting to remain closed on the following Sunday, while a thorough investigation was undertaken.
The tragic events occurred during the 41st Annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally, an event that has historically attracted a diverse group of up to 28,000 bikers.

In response to the violence, Pascualito Maestas, the Mayor of Taos – a town about 40 miles from Red River – proclaimed a state of civil emergency. To maintain order, a temporary prohibition was put into effect, barring retail outlets, bars, and other venues from selling alcohol. A curfew was also imposed until 4:00 a.m. local time the following Sunday.

Reflecting on the tumultuous scene, Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina, who happened to be in Red River, his hometown, at the time, expressed a sense of helplessness at the unfolding chaos. He offered his prayers for the officers on the scene, underscoring that the recent surge in gun violence affects all communities in New Mexico, irrespective of their size.

As of now, authorities have not identified the instigators of the shooting.