Mass shooting at May Day event leaves 15 injured, 3 killed

STOCKTON, AL – A peaceful event turned deadly in Alabama when a shooting erupted, resulting in three fatalities and 15 injuries on Saturday. The unfortunate incident unfolded around 9:30 p.m. during a May Day event in Stockton,with about 1,000 attendees, according to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

Eyewitnesses reported that an argument broke out at the event, which quickly escalated into a shooting with multiple rounds being fired into the large crowd. As a result, 18 individuals were shot, three of whom succumbed to their injuries. The identities of the victims, however, have not been disclosed by the sheriff’s office.

Two of the deceased victims were recognized by family members as Christian Bradley, 24, and Chiquita Ewing, 37, a mother of two. Martha Tims, Ewing’s cousin, shared the horrifying moment when she realized her cousin had been shot, adding Ewing did not respond in the aftermath of the shooting. Further information revealed the identity of the third victim as 19-year-old Micheal Anderson Jr., as confirmed by his family.

Investigators believe that multiple shooters were involved in the incident and are currently following up on these leads. They are urging anyone with information to contact the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

As of May 13, no arrests had been announced in connection with the case.