Married couple found dead inside storage unit

A 37-year-old Medford resident, Leonid Volkov, has been apprehended and charged with murder following the discovery of a married couple’s remains in a Boston storage unit. The victims, Kiryl Schukin (37) and Pavel Vekshin (28), were reported missing in late March and were found to have suffered fatal stab wounds.

Authorities arrested Volkov on Saturday, revealing that the storage unit containing the couple’s bodies had been rented under one of the victim’s names. The gruesome scene included the two victims’ remains, concealed in rubber storage containers, with one body dismembered. Bleach, rubber gloves, and personal items belonging to Schukin and Vekshin were also discovered at the site.

Investigators learned that Schukin had previously served as a guarantor for Volkov’s apartment lease. However, when Schukin refused to continue as a guarantor for a lease extension, Volkov faced eviction. This information has led investigators to believe that the eviction may have been a motive for the crime.

According to police records, Volkov and Schukin were last seen together on March 29, inside a rented U-Haul truck driven by Volkov. Surveillance footage from the victims’ building showed an individual believed to be Volkov entering and exiting the premises in the days following the couple’s disappearance.

Later, the same U-Haul truck was discovered at the storage facility where Schukin and Vekshin’s bodies were found. Based on the evidence, investigators surmise that Volkov used the truck to transport the victims’ belongings from their apartment to the storage unit.

Volkov’s arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday.