Man who killed wife and her boyfriend then had his son dispose of their bodies before fleeing to Mexico gets life in prison

Jordy Husein Suljanovic, a 46-year-old Texas man, was sentenced to life in prison without parole on Tuesday after being found guilty of killing his wife Adriana Perez, 41, and her 33-year-old boyfriend Omar Santamaria-Ruiz.

The murders occurred on October 2, 2018, after Suljanovic discovered the two together in his home via a hidden camera. After the murders, Suljanovic and his 21-year-old son, Jordy Suljanovic Jr., drove to Louisiana, where Santamaria-Ruiz’s body was dumped in the woods outside Natchitoches and Perez’s body was dumped near the Atchafalaya River outside of Baton Rouge.

Suljanovic Jr. pleaded guilty last year to tampering with evidence, namely a corpse, in exchange for a five-year prison sentence.

His father, a Bosnian refugee who had become a long-haul truck driver, had sold his home and fled to Mexico City with his two young daughters, his son, and his son’s 16-year-old girlfriend in an attempt to flee to Bosnia. However, law enforcement arrested him in London after the first leg of their trip and extradited him back to Houston.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said in a statement after the sentencing that Suljanovic “killed two people, including the mother of his children, and tried to flee the country to escape responsibility.”

Assistant District Attorney Lauren Bard, who prosecuted the case with ADA Kim Nwabeke, said Suljanovic had a history of abusive behavior toward his wife. “”She had been verbally and physically abused by him. And since she was born and raised in Mexico, she didn’t have citizenship of her own and probably didn’t feel like she could leave, she couldn’t go anywhere,” Bard said.

Jordy Husein Suljanovic was found guilty of capital murder after an eight-day trial and was automatically sentenced to life in prison without parole. His son, Jordy Suljanovic Jr., admitted to dumping his mother’s corpse after his father killed her.