Man stabbed inside hospital waiting room in targeted attack

ONONDAGA COUNTY, NY – A 44-year-old homeless man in Upstate New York allegedly bypassed security measures at Upstate University Hospital’s emergency department by faking a car accident. This allowed him to bring a knife into the hospital, according to Onondaga County District Attorney, Bill Fitzpatrick. The man in question, Sabier Young, was reportedly transported in a wheelchair into the ER, which exempted him from facing a security screening.

Young is accused of attempted murder and other charges after he allegedly stabbed another man inside the hospital. The targeted man, who was waiting in the ER for his daughter’s treatment, suffered around six stab wounds to his stomach and right side. Although the injuries were serious, the district attorney affirmed that the victim is expected to fully recover.

Court documents recount that Young persistently stabbed the victim until they both fell to the ground and Young lost control of the knife. Reportedly, Young had intended to stab and kill another individual who bore physical similarities to the man he ended up attacking.

District Attorney Fitzpatrick hinted at Young’s “troubled past,” but did not share specific details. New York State prison records, however, reveal that a man sharing the same name and birth date as Young was incarcerated between 1998 and 2006 for attempted arson and attempts to promote prison contraband. Additionally, he served a subsequent year in prison for criminal mischief.

In light of this incident, Upstate Medical University did not respond to requests to find out if they will reassess their emergency department’s security policies.