Man kills and dismembers his pregnant sister

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – A horrific dismembering murder case has emerged from Lakeville, Minnesota, where a man is charged with the ruthless murder and dissection of his expecting sister. The accused, named as Jack Joseph Ball, 23, is facing second-degree murder charges for both his sister, 30-year-old Bethany Ann Israel, and her unborn child.

Dakota County Attorney Kathy Keena has labeled the allegations as deeply disturbing and horrific and vowed to work diligently to deliver justice for the victims and support their families. Israel’s fatal end was discovered when her distraught mother dialed 911 after observing an alarming amount of blood at a house on Encina Path. She had grown apprehensive after not hearing any news from Israel, who had gone to dine with her brother, the accused.

Responding to the distress call, authorities discovered a disturbing sight- a large blood spot on the kitchen floor, dismembered body parts, and bloody cutting tools. The investigation led to the discovery of diaries and documents authored by Ball, exposing his resentment towards his sister’s pregnancy as a deviation from innocence.

In a chilling development, a Rosemount resident called 911, reporting a man seen on their Ring camera discarding what appeared to be a body part on their doorstep. When the authorities descended on the scene, they found Ball covered in blood, with an apparently self-inflicted knife wound on his neck. He was immediately hospitalized.

During search operations in the vicinity, several body parts were uncovered. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled Israel’s death a homicide caused by ‘complex homicidal violence’. According to court records, she was close to 4 months pregnant.

Ball’s bail hasbeen set at $2 million without any conditions or $1 million with conditions. His subsequent court hearing has been scheduled for June 10.