Man found stabbed and bleeding near motel

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A violent encounter unfolded at a Northwest Side motel in San Antonio, TX early Friday morning. Local police officers were mobilized around 6 a.m. to the Quality Inn and Suites, situated near Interstate 10 and UTSA Boulevard, on a distress call from paramedics.

Upon their arrival, they discovered a severely injured, bleeding man. Sgt. Abina Elliotte with the San Antonio Police Department confirmed that the individual had multiple stab wounds and had been brutally battered.

However, the victim’s compromised state made it difficult to clearly remember the incident. He indicated that the attack took place at a different location from where he was discovered. This inconsistency led to a subsequent investigation.

The subsequent police examination suggested that the victim was likely assailed in a room on the motel’s ground floor. According to police findings so far, the attack was likely related to a robbery.

Keeping with protocol, the police cordoned off the entire motel perimeter, unveiling a trail of conspicuous bloody footprints, seemingly leading away from the crime scene. The ownership of the footprints remains unclear, as to whether they trace back to the victim or the culprit.

Notably, the traces of blood extended on both sides of the two-story building. The hours following the stabbing saw no immediate arrests.

The motel is equipped with surveillance cameras, which could potentially aid the ongoing investigation. However, it remains uncertain if they captured any image that can further clarify the situation.