Man falls more than 4,000 feet to his death off Grand Canyon bridge

This week, a tragedy rocked the Grand Canyon when a 33-year-old man plummeted to his demise off the Sky Walk attraction.

The trip to the scenic destination suddenly turned fatally sour when the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene to investigate. The cliff face of the Grand Canyon had swallowed the man whole, with him being declared dead at the source of the 4,000 ft. fall.

A Kingman DPS Ranger helicopter attempted to intervene to save him, to no avail.

The Sky Walk, located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, has a unique, 10-foot wide, horseshoe-shaped glass bridge extending 70 feet outwards. This allows visitors to see through the glass platform to the bottom of the Canyon below.

However, the construction of the Sky Walk has been met with contention from various ecologists and tribal elders. Some deem it a desecration of the sacred landscape of the region.

As of now, investigators are still attempting to find out what factors caused the man’s fatal fall. It is unclear whether it was an accident or suicide.