Man barricades himself inside sewer after kidnapping and threatening woman

A man from Florissant, Missouri, held a woman hostage after accusing her of stealing money from him, leading to a police standoff in a sewer. Mario Hudgins, 33, allegedly assaulted the woman, choked her, and pointed a gun at her in a Flordawn Street residence. When the woman’s cousin entered the room, Hudgins threatened her with another firearm.

The following morning, Hudgins left the home with the victim, who claimed she wanted to maintain peace. They checked into a hotel in the St. Louis area, where Hudgins continued to demand money from the woman while threatening to kill her. His behavior grew increasingly erratic as he started taking drugs.

When the woman attempted to leave the hotel room, Hudgins stopped her, insisting that she ask friends and family for money. The couple, who police described as having an “ongoing relationship,” then drove to Koeneman Park in Jennings. Hudgins continued his threats and fired a gun at the woman, but she was not hit.

A responding police officer was threatened and had a gun pointed at him by Hudgins, who then fled the scene, leaving the woman at the park. Additional officers arrived and found Hudgins, who led them on a foot chase before dropping his Glock 9mm pistol.

Hudgins then jumped over a fence and hid inside of a sewer for several hours before emerging and fighting with the officers. One officer was injured during the altercation. The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has charged Hudgins with multiple counts, including first-degree kidnapping, first-degree domestic assault, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Hudgins is currently being held at the St. Louis County Justice Center on a $500,000 cash-only bond.