Man Awaiting Trial Euthanized

Spanish prison authorities on Tuesday euthanized a man who had shot and wounded four people in December and was subsequently wounded in a shootout with the police, rendering him paralyzed and begging to be allowed to die while awaiting trial.

Courts allowed the man’s assisted death after rejecting several appeals by his victims, who argued he had to face justice. The case even reached the Constitutional Court, which refused to deliberate on it, saying there has been no violation of fundamental rights.

Disgruntled former security guard Eugen Sabau, 46, had shot three of his colleagues, including a woman, at the security services firm where he worked in the northeastern city of Tarragona and then wounded a police officer while making his escape.

Sabau died at 6.30 p.m. local time in Catalana.

Spain changed their laws recently, allowing for the euthanization of individuals under medical pre-text. That is what allowed for this request to be granted.

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